Gail Ward Olmsted: Miranda Writes

There are plenty of lawyer-trial books on Kindle, but because the master, John Grisham is so talented, books by new authors struggle to compete. Miranda Writes isn’t Gail Ward Olmsted’s first novel, and the protagonist isn’t heading to court since she lost her spot as an Assistant District Attorney over a lost witness, but she’s a smart, resourceful woman who’s transformed herself into a very successful podcaster.

As for author Olmsted, she’s also transformed herself from budding author to successful novelist. Since her first book, Jeep Tour debuted in 2016 her technique has improved as the story and pacing have tightened-up.

In this story, protagonist Miranda Quinn, gets dragged back into the land of slimy predators, equally distasteful lawyers, and unreliable witnesses instead of just discussing them during her podcasts. And she flips her competency to lawyer and detective modes while dealing with new romance on the horizon after a seriously painful breakup.

While the author twists the characters as the story progresses, she’s not against making her characters vulnerable to the failings and flailing of everyday life. We all make questionable decisions based on our previous interactions and our current mood. Things happen, not always for the better.

Overall, this is a quasi-legal thriller with a little romance sewn into the hem making the garment longer and sturdier. Readers will enjoy Miranda’s wit and character while she wends her way through the maze of legal and illegal motions taking place on the periphery.

Moving quickly, Miranda Writes is a 349-page work available in paperback as well as our favorite Kindle format for $2.99 as well as free with Kindle Unlimited. The story will keep you happy over a long weekend – enjoy.


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