Adapting Shorts into a Long Article

As writers we often find ourselves covering familiar territory for different projects. And with a determination to never plagiarize even our work, there’s nothing wrong with creating new content in long form from previous shorts. To combine multiple short articles into a longer article, you can follow these […]

The CIA’s MKUltra Program

MKUltra was a clandestine program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1950s and 1960s that aimed to develop mind control techniques through the use of drugs, hypnosis, and other forms of psychological manipulation. The program was officially launched in 1953 under the direction of CIA […]

Confessions of a Ghost Writer

Ghostwriting is a unique and incredible journey for any writer with some game. If you don’t write, you can’t play, but many ghostwriters find they have the chops to handle projects they would never have attempted on their own. So, confession one is that I’ve accepted writing jobs […]

Al W. Moe: Vegas and the Chicago Outfit

If there’s anything we’ve learned since newspaper photos of Bugsy Siegel’s bullet-riddled body were splashed across newspapers and magazines in the 1940s it is that the Mob is tough on crime. Well, more precisely, they are tough on anyone who commits a crime against them, especially theft. Nothing […]