Becoming a Working Author

Adapting Shorts into a Long Article

As writers we often find ourselves covering familiar territory for different projects. And with a determination to never plagiarize even our work, there’s nothing wrong with creating new content in long form from previous shorts. To combine multiple short articles into a longer article, you can follow these steps:

  1. Review the content: Read through all the short articles to understand their main ideas, key points, and any overlapping or complementary information.
  2. Identify common themes: Look for common themes, topics, or subtopics across the short articles. Identify the main ideas or concepts that can serve as the backbone of your longer article.
  3. Create an outline: Based on the common themes and main ideas you’ve identified, create an outline for your longer article. Outline the structure, subheadings, and the flow of information.
  4. Arrange the content: Determine how the content from the short articles fits into your outline. Rearrange and reorganize the information to create a logical and coherent flow. You may need to modify or rewrite certain sections to ensure a smooth transition between different sources.
  5. Fill in the gaps: Identify any gaps or missing information in your outline. Determine if you need additional research or if you can expand on existing content to provide a comprehensive and cohesive narrative.
  6. Rewrite and edit: Go through each section of the longer article and rewrite the content as necessary to ensure consistency in style, tone, and voice. Pay attention to transitions between sections to maintain a smooth and natural progression.
  7. Add transitions: Introduce transitional phrases or sentences to help readers navigate from one section to another. This will improve the overall flow and cohesion of the longer article.
  8. Revise and proofread: Once you have combined the short articles and made necessary revisions, thoroughly proofread the longer article. Check for grammatical errors, clarity, and overall readability.

Remember, while combining short articles, it’s essential to maintain a coherent narrative and ensure that the different sections seamlessly connect. Your goal is to create a unified and comprehensive piece of writing that reads as a single cohesive article.

In addition, make sure you qualify which SEO story you are trying to tell by using specific keywords to the new project!


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