Category: Becoming a Working Author

Adapting Shorts into a Long Article

As writers we often find ourselves covering familiar territory for different projects. And with a determination to never plagiarize even our work, there’s nothing wrong with creating new content in long form from previous shorts. To combine multiple short articles into a longer article, you can follow these […]

Confessions of a Ghost Writer

Ghostwriting is a unique and incredible journey for any writer with some game. If you don’t write, you can’t play, but many ghostwriters find they have the chops to handle projects they would never have attempted on their own. So, confession one is that I’ve accepted writing jobs […]

The Perfect Indie Author Book Launch

When you get close to finishing your latest novel, you’ll have to get serious about the marketing side of writing. That’s right; you need to plan the perfect book launch to stimulate Social Media, tickle Amazon’s algorithms, and get readers ready to buy the book you’ve spent countless […]