Get Your Book Reviewed

So, you’ve completed your book and can’t wait to get busy selling your treasured words. But how can you do that? How can you get noticed when Amazon has nearly 10 million books for sale? How do you, a single grain of sand on a big beach, get noticed on a bankroll? Well, to start with, you need to do some book marketing. On a budget? Aren’t we all? Think Social Media. It’s your best friend.

To help you there, we review books at Working Authors. And, to get more reviews done, we are going to start all reviews based on just your first chapter! That means you better hook us quick! As for the review itself, when it goes live, it is automatically sent to our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and we also link to Pinterest, Instagram, and our pages get picked up and re-blogged and re-tweeted. You should also join our mailing list, like our pages, make comments to add links to your website, and then we’ve got thousands of notices going out about you and your book.

If you hashtag WorkingAuthors (#WorkingAuthors at Twitter), we’ll pick up and retweet your posts, and all our authors can throw some love your way in likes and retweets. We’re working for you, with you, to get your book noticed! We’ve been around for years. Your review and profile will stay on our site as long as we do.

Buy a book review and we’ll add an author profile on another page here with links to your own website, and a personal photo if you wish. You can’t sell books if nobody hears about what a great author you are! We can work together if you use our Fiverr Link.

Once you purchase, we’ll send you a questionnaire. You return a copy of your book cover, your book blurb, and a copy of your book in word doc or PDF – plus your author profile, and we’ll get you noticed!

We try to be openminded, but we don’t review political manifestos, doomsday prophesies, anything that reads like hate, or x-rated works. Otherwise, give us a shout!

Got questions? Feeling broke? We understand, so if you can’t make the cash, go ahead and send your pdf or word doc of your book and a cover photo. If space permits and you join our site and social media, we’ll try to get your book reviewed. You can reach us at