Women's Literature

Gail Ward Olmsted “Jeep Tour”

Our Book Review of Jeep Tour

Are women over 30 allowed to have a life? Do they get a second chance when the winds of fate blow them across a barren plain? I certainly hope so, and that’s the subject of Gail Ward Olmsted’s reawakening novel Jeep Tour.

The book is well written, and an entertaining look at life after the astonishing years, after commitment and marriage and work. The protagonist is a recently divorced woman, Jax (short for Jacqueline, thank goodness) who takes a trip to Sedona, Arizona with two friends and loves the clean, fresh air, the sunshine, and the amazing red mountains.

Together, they take a Jeep tour, and Jax loves the tour guide, a cute, oops, not cute like her ex-husband Rick, but rugged and good-looking Rick. She flies home. She fails to make tenure at her teaching job, and there’s that emptiness. We all know it.

This is a 247-page book, plenty of pages to get lost in, with characters that are real, emotional and pliable. Jax has a background, she has substantial friends, she has a job, but there’s life in Sedona. What to do?

Published by Jerico Road Press on May 31, 2016, readers can get this book for free if they have Kindle Unlimited, or it’s $2.99 for the masses.

Author Olmsted paints a pretty picture of Sedona, and of second chances with a leisurely pace. It’s not a struggle to keep up, it’s a walk in the park. And, it’s thoughtful, emotional and hopeful. That’s a triple-threat.

Four Stars

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