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Esperanza Ramírez Velásquez “STRESS: Heal and Overcome Stress with Inspiration”

Our Book Review of STRESS: Heal and Overcome Stress with Inspiration

Stress is a killer, that’s the long and short of it. The funny thing is that both good and bad events can be stressful. Fortunately, author Esperanza Ramírez Velásquez understands the dangers of untreated stress and presents easy to understand and follow solutions for reducing stress in her book Stress: Heal and Overcome Stress with Inspiration.

In this newly published book (January 12, 2017), the author presents readers with some typical signs of stress (loss of energy, appetite, motivation, low self-esteem), and explains why we all need to understand and cope with our stress.

As the author says, “The motivation and movement to heal stress will lead you to find a happier and more harmonious life.” This she promotes through her pentagon of stress and her harmony for stress method.

Take care of yourself by taking a look at this book. It’s just 99-cents right now, and Free if you have Kindle Unlimited!

Three Stars


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