Children's Book

Nicholas A. Price “Timed to Perfection”


Children’s author Nicholas A. Price has a new story coming to Kindle: Timed to Perfection (The Time Series Book 1).

Colorfully illustrated throughout by Gigi Art, the book is certain to appeal to children in the five to ten age range. Especially with the imaginative story about Mr. Brown’s family and their magical egg timer.

Published by Demy Books, this book will be released on February 15, 2017, and is available for preorder.

Children will learn about time and have their imaginations stimulated by what’s going on inside Mr. Brown’s egg timer. It’s not just for cooking perfect eggs, why there’s a whole world inside the glass domes. And, the Sand Tribe Union is revolting against their current situation where the humans control their every minute, or every three minutes!

This battle of wills has a surprising end result that benefits everyone.

Three Stars





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