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Dean Klein “The Jerusalem Stone”

Our Book Review of The Jerusalem Stone

Inside The Jerusalem Stone, author Dean Klein tells a sprawling story about a paid assassin’s life from the protagonist’s upbringing in a moneyed home to his training as a Marine Scout Sniper. This happens after he suddenly enlists, leaving his Yale education and new wife behind as he tours Iraq.

As a Lance Corporal, Simon Banner does a fine job, but he becomes disillusioned with his job and leaves the service. He drifts, takes care of his daughter (his wife has died), and eventually sells himself and his soul to work for drug cartels.

The book is 507 pages, not a late night treat you can finish in one sitting. It will take an investment, a good bit of reading, before the story turns to something strange, something unexplained. He and his daughter visit Jerusalem, she finds a strange stone, and his life changes, but is his soul worth saving?

This is a new issue, published December 9, 2016. It’s also a bit pricey, at $9.99. The “Look Inside” feature at Amazon generously gives those interested several chapters. Check it out to get a feel for the authors use of language and the image he presents through his words.

Three Stars

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  1. I am an avid reader of all kinds of books, but The Jerusalem Stone is one of the best!! It’s hard to find stories that keep your attention so much, that you truly don’t want the book to end. I do not think that $9.99 is too much for such a fantastic read. Mr. Kleins imagination touches so many parts of your soul, and when you truly Believe in God and Jesus, this story really hits home. It is not preachy, it’s just an amazing story, that explains everything so clearly and is such an inspiration to those who believe in a higher power. It is sad, exciting, the story has so much to it, but it is written in a way that you understand everything and want more. I think Mr. Klein is very talented and he has been touched by a very special gift of an Author. I would recommend this book to anyone, and people of Faith and the Church would enjoy reading this fantastic story. Thank you for a Wonderful Book and I hope you continue to keep writing. Sincerely, Linda Diaz

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  2. Hi! I’m the author. The reviewer committed several minor errors in his rather abbreviated review above. Also please strongly note his critique does not at all touch on the tale’s major developments. But he was correct in saying the story is indeed that of a very gifted military sniper turned assassin. Simon Banner plies his trade for drug cartels but only after his tour of duty in Iraq is over.

    Over many years, Simon makes a substantial living taking out people involved in the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. He kills dozens of people over time, never regretting any of the deaths he causes, having no regard for God or human laws. Killing is a sport to him. One day, however, his life undergoes a profound change that cannot be explained except, incredibly, by a stone his daughter found in the earth of Jerusalem. What happens to Simon (not at all mentioned in the review above) can only be explained by God though he refuses to admit it. Until he must.

    The Jerusalem Stone is no less than a very high-concept work of Christian fantasy that will keep you turning the pages all the way until the story ends. What happens as you go will startle and then shock you. As far as I know the storyline is utterly unique, the writing edgy, clipped, yet readable, even sophisticated. The early chapters were deliberately constructed to enable the reader to accompany Simon on his assignments. They will make you uncomfortable in places. That, as I said, is deliberate. You must learn who it is that is at the center of the story’s focus. It won’t be long, however, before you see his life take a major left turn, a turn he fights tooth and nail. But there is no winning this fight. What happens to Simon will knock your socks off. No kidding and no exaggeration. If you choose to read The Jerusalem Stone, you will happily finish it. Thank you for your time and attention!

    Dean Klein

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