US Yurt Companies

US Sales – Standard Yurts

Although yurts are becoming more popular, there are only about 15 manufacturers across the US that have products available at all times. The companies listed below offer very similar products – a vinyl-sided and roofed yurt that can be erected quickly without a standard home’s labor and expense. Small to medium-size yurts can be built in a day with just two people. Larger sizes to 30-feet in diameter can be done in the same time-frame with a third and fourth person helping. Remember that the footing preparation, especially if building on concrete and wood piers, can take several weeks.

Blue Ridge Yurts:  Floyd, VA 540-745-7458

Colorado Yurt Company:  Montrose, CO 800-288-3190

Great Lakes Yurt Company: Grass Lake, MI 269-808-3664

Laurel Nest Yurts Horse Shoe, North Carolina 650-394-6060

Living Intent Yurts: Grass Valley, CA 207-350-9457

Nomad Shelter:  Homer, AK 907-235-0132

Nomad Shelter yurts are the toughest yurts on the market.  We design our yurts to handle the snow and wind of Alaska, where we live and work in our yurts, and have been since we first moved into a yurt of our own design in 1987.

Nomad Shelter has been in operation since 1995, starting as a small family business that now ships hand-crafted yurts across the world for a staggering array of environments and uses.

Original Mongolian Yurts: 818-275-7889

Original Yurts offer traditional style Mongolian yurts, made in Mongolia. Original Yurts are very unique and different from yurt variants offered by other companies.  Traditional Mongolian yurts use natural materials and provide better insulation and air circulation and give you the feeling of being inside a warm, natural space. 

Outback Yurts:  Stanley, ID 208-774-3324

Pacific Yurts:  Cottage Grove, OR 800-944-0240

Rainier Yurts:  Tukwila, WA 866.839-8787

Shelter Designs: Missoula, MT 406-721-9878

Simple Terra: 844-739-2989

WeatherPort Yurts:  Delta, CO 970-399-5909

Yurts of America: Indianapolis, IN 317-377-9878

Yurts of Hawaii: Volcano, HI (Big Island) 808-982-9551

Solid-sided yurts can be built on a quick-to-build platform on level ground. Videos online show that a crew of three to four people can create one from the ground up in a single day. Freedom Yurt’s 24-foot model (470 square feet) runs close to $32,000, while a Pacific Yurt (and most other companies) runs about $10,000.

However, the Freedom Yurt comes with a base that sits on level ground and cement blocks. Most yurts are designed to be placed on a platform, which is not included in the purchase price, and will cost as much as the yurt itself.

A solid-sided yurt comes with regular windows, while a fabric/vinyl yurt comes with fabric screens and clear vinyl windows only. Upgrading to real windows can add $7200 to a four-window standard yurt.

Solid Sided Yurts

Freedom Yurt Cabins: Sidney, NE 719-362-3333

Clean Air Yurts:  New Paltz, NY 845-633-2875


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