24 Cheap Places to Advertise Your Book

If your book is free, you can advertise on more than 25 websites and not pay a dime, but if you need to push your bargain or regular price book, where do you go? The following sites all offer inexpensive advertising. Many have free listings, some are free but don’t guarantee a listing unless you pay. And, many have more exotic listings at higher prices, which include more than website exposure. When they do, you’ve got a bargain!

It’s very difficult to measure the overall offering since some deals include Tweets and Facebook, etc., but many offer website exposue with social media. If they offer more, that’s a deal!

Those that have email newsletter delivery included with their promotions are likely to be the strongest pullers.

Good Kindle Reviews $5 to $15- website, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Authors Den A full suite of links, book covers and reviews – all Free.

Awesome Gang charges $10 for a listing – 7500 reach newsletter, 55k Facebook, 16K Twitter.

Book Angel Free and $5 spots.

Book Basset $8.99 for free books.

Book Bucks $9 for free fiction and 99-cent books.

Books on the Knob Free.

Book Bongo Free. Tweets and Facebook, $10 for a bump to website.

Digital Book Today  Perma free listing is free. Other promotions starting at $20 with 23,000 email subscribers and 38,000 Facebook followers.

Discount Book Man Free or $15 for a 5-day promo.

eBooks Habit Free or $10 – $15.

eBookStage  Join, link, $10 minimum.

eReader Cafe Deal of the Day $35 post, Facebook, Google+, Tweets, and Pinterest.

eReaderGirl Free or $20.

Hidden Gems Books  Four promotions available starting at $20 for a Free book with website and thousands of voracious email readers – Romance only.

Indie Author News has several programs.

Just Kindle Books Multiple promotions starting at $18 for two websites with newsletter and social media.

Kindle Book Promos Free or $10 listing.

Pretty-Hot Books Free or $25 for 7 days on homepage, 12,000 Twitter followers 6300 Facebook fans.

Reading Deals Free not guaranteed, or $29 guaranteed to a subscription list.

Snicks List  Free to $10 per month.

The Book Circle Free or $5 to $20.

Topless Cowboy Free to $20 for romance.