Sean Campbell: Dead on Demand

So you’re a previously respected top cop, a Detective Chief Inspector, but your wife thinks perhaps it’s time to retire. Is it time to quit the game and hang’em up? What if your colleagues seem to think maybe your wife is right and your boss does too? Is 50 too old to match wits with the crazies?

Well just when DCI Morton thinks he’s lost a step, a string of seemingly unrelated murders take center stage across the London backdrop. And, while there’s no significate ties to the bodies popping up, the good detective starts to see a spider web of fine tendrils stringing them together. But who’s running the show? You’ll know immediately in Dead on Demand. That’s not the mystery.

As we learn, it’s Edwin Murphy, a workaholic editor at The Impartial newspaper, a dig-the-dirt rag that’s happy to spill stories full of innuendo and even lies as long as the papers keep selling. And our soon-to-be ex-editor gets more than a little inspiration from his day job. What if the story isn’t true and what if terrible things happen to innocent people? Who cares!

Murphy has the bad day of all bad days: divorce papers in the mix, an end to his job, and his daughter soon to be out of the country with mom. And thus the story begins, and so do the killings.

Much like Peter Falk’s TV character Columbo, we know the killer, and we think Columbo might too, but there’s plenty of subterfuge and confusion thrown our way to keep the characters and we readers a bit off-kilter. So much the better.

This is a first stand-alone crime novel in a seven-book series by Sean (and Daniel) Campbell. And this one happens to be free, leading to plenty of reads and fans of the series. In fact, the book has over 1,800 reviews. You can get a copy at Amazon and see what you think. A 4.0 average for that many reviews should tell you something.