Natalie Hanson: Author Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Natalie.

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and I’m an author and screenplay writer.

Alrighty, well what made you want to be a writer?

I’ve always loved the crime and mystery genre. I wanted to write stories that fall into the area of “life is stranger than fiction,” so my creative inspiration comes from real life serial killers.

And your latest book is about?

The Unknown Man is the first of five novels chronicling the hunt for serial killers and criminals by FBI agent Zalla Bennbett. It’s about the worst criminal’s humanity has to offer seen through the eyes of a jaded agent, struggling to keep optimism alive and fight for the voiceless.

Wow, that sounds fascinating but scary.

It is.

Do you plot or outline your stories?

The story’s the boss, so I can’t plot what’s based on facts, but because I’m incorporating some true background there’s a bit of an outline.

What’s the most interesting thing about your latest book?

I wanted to my novel series to have a female protagonist who could (and would) do everything a man typically gets away with. So, that, and a flawed but redeemable hero. It’s all good – especially on Kindle!

Thanks, Natalie. Currently she is working on a horror genre comic series based on her screenplay “Dociles.” It tells the story of a teen runaway, kidnapped by a medical examiner who turns the dead into zombies. It’s a fight to not end up as one of the herd! We’ll look for that in the future!