Michael Allen: Author Interview

Michael Allen got an early start in his writing career. He first remembers writing a poem at the age of six called “Slick Move,” based on people slipping on banana peels and oil. Nothing wrong with that!

Throughout high school, he kept up his love for writing as it grew into short stories, often writing between playing baseball and football. He loved those sports because they gave him something to hold onto while he and his family moved around the country. He attended four different high schools before finally graduating from James Monroe in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

After entering the Marine Corps he continued to write stories before attending college and earning a B.S. in English. His love for writing has carried him through the years without ever waning.

“The Deeper Dark” is his latest novel, joining “A River in the Ocean” and a children’s book he titled “When You Miss Me.” Allen is currently working on a screenplay for “The Deeper Dark,” and hopes to see it on the big screen one day. It could happen!

Before it does, you might want to pick up a copy at Amazon – The Deeper Dark.