Kindle Romance Book Reviews

This is our list of great Kindle Romance books. Sure, we review most everything, but not every book can make it our short list. Those that do have a strong audacious tension that is sustained through chapter after chapter. Readers devour great romances because they do sustain that great pacing and nervous emotion that keeps breaking through with wild abandon at the most inopportune times. That’s what makes life, and romance so exciting.

We are looking for romance novels that have a believable background, real characters with subtle and raw emotions. There has to be enough story and enough characters to shape each chapter and take our mind away to other things while we wait patiently (and finally impatiently) for the romantic, sexy parts. And, as women know, foreplay is as important as the end game. What men need to remember is that not everyone wants a porn film with non-stop sex. Women want the lead-in, the stray touch, the day-dreams and the thoughts that distract us from our daily lives and give meaning to the quick text or one-minute phone call that we squeeze into our coffee break because we just need a tiny (but building) glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

In short, give us good characters, a real story with a few twists, and some romance that’s hot, not just the same old thing!


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