Amazing Free and Special Kindle Books


Bestselling author Christopher Greyson has another Top 100 Kindle Book – And Then She Was Gone.  There are six stand-alone Jack Stratton Detective novels, all terrific reads. Today, this book is listed at #36 on Kindle. And, it’s just 99-cents or Free, with Kindle Unlimited. Don’t miss out!





Bestselling author Liliana Hart’s first Addison Holmes Mystery is one of five books. Whiskey Rebellion is Book 1, and it’s Free on Kindle! In fact, it’s the number one murder mystery in the Free Kindle section.

In this first book, Addison is a teacher who finds her principal dead in the parking lot….of a seedy gentlemen’s club. Bad Girl? Good Girl? Regardless, she finds that teacher pay is lousy and goes to work for a friend with a detective agency. It’s all good fun, except for the murders.