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Nicholas A. Price “The Tapeworm”

The Tapeworm


From the macabre humor genre comes Nicholas A. Price’s latest work, The Tapeworm. This book is geared for children 5 to 12 and is part of his ‘A Series of Ghastly Things’ books being released February 15, 2017.

Children will no doubt be intrigued by the strange and scary full-color illustrations by Gigi Art in this book issued by Demy Publishing. The story that goes with the pictures is equally scary, or at least the tapeworm is!

This is a story about Miss Watkins, a nice young woman who enjoys her roast beef cooked rare, but what if the chef under-cooked the poor woman’s meal? Something sinister could invade her body, and it does. Now, what will happen?

Author Price takes the reader on a horror-filled but humorous tale of the life of a tapeworm, one inside the body of a person who loved to eat. Yikes! It’s just the kind of thing so many children love to read!

Kindle Unlimited users can pre-order their Free copy of The Tapeworm right now. For those without KU, this new book is just $2.99

Three Stars




Nicholas A. Price “Lily’s Curl”


Being a parent is an exhilarating experience, regardless of how much work and worry is involved. In the new children’s book Lily’s Curl, the young girl’s parents think her beautiful curl of hair is so cute. And that’s the reaction most parents would have, even if that one curl grew out of control.

Lily’s Curl is published by Demy Books and illustrated by Gigi Art. Launch date is February 15, and preorder is available for Kindle. The standard price is $2.99 but those of you with Kindle Unlimited can get a copy for your little ones for Free!

Inside the book, children will find page after page of colorful drawings depicting little Lily’s arrival, her beautiful face, and the tiny curl of hair that grows on the top of her head.

Eventually, that tiny curl takes on a life of its own, growing at an alarming rate, garnering stares, and causing widespread panic through stories in the local tabloids. Did you know that human hair grows 6 inches per year? That tidbit and many others follow this charming story, but of course, Lily’s hair grows much faster and something must be done!

Three Stars




Nicholas A. Price “Timed to Perfection”


Children’s author Nicholas A. Price has a new story coming to Kindle: Timed to Perfection (The Time Series Book 1).

Colorfully illustrated throughout by Gigi Art, the book is certain to appeal to children in the five to ten age range. Especially with the imaginative story about Mr. Brown’s family and their magical egg timer.

Published by Demy Books, this book will be released on February 15, 2017, and is available for preorder.

Children will learn about time and have their imaginations stimulated by what’s going on inside Mr. Brown’s egg timer. It’s not just for cooking perfect eggs, why there’s a whole world inside the glass domes. And, the Sand Tribe Union is revolting against their current situation where the humans control their every minute, or every three minutes!

This battle of wills has a surprising end result that benefits everyone.

Three Stars




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