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Rolland Kling

Dikombi Gite “Sex, Lies, and a Charter School”

The author of Sex, Lies, and a Charter School, Dikombi Gite, has a mission to his writing. He presents his work as a novel, although he alludes to changing the names of characters “to protect the innocent ad the guilty.” Once we gain entry to his world there […]

Tania Joyce “Propositions”

Reading involves travel, and if you aren’t from Australia, Propositions, by Tania Joyce, will give you a chance to feel and learn a bit about the “Land Down Under.” The writing isn’t defined by its involvement with the country, but an exotic backdrop always helps. In this romance […]

Emily Kendricks “The Fantasy Maker”

Reading transports us to another time, another place and another world when the author has the necessary gifts. Fortunately, new author Emily Kendricks does have some straight-forward writing ability. The words don’t come drifting from the page magically, but her intentions are always clear. In Kendricks’ novel The […]