All About Working Authors

At Working Authors we introduce Kindle books – with fair reviews.  Each book is critiqued on readability, plotting, pace, entertainment value, cost, originality, and structure. A book that’s grammatically perfect is nice,  but we believe readers can handle a goof or two if the story is hot as a furnace. Boring writing is boring. Readers want a story that begs for the pages to be swiped (not turned, this Kindle, right?)  so expect our highest ratings for great reads, even if they are technically flawed in minor areas.


If you would like to submit a book for review  we have a few rules. Your book must be available on Kindle and less than three months old. No children’s books, no political manifestos, no hate speech, no deep religious dissertations, and no romance please. We’d prefer lighter fare, such as spy novels, action adventure, mysteries, Sci/Fi, and so forth.

To get a review, you’ll need to really impress me with an email to that includes a short (a few sentences) synopsis, a PDF or word doc of the text and a usable cover shot. If you submit via Fiverr, you’ll get a nice review and you’ll help pay our web expenses with the $10 fee. It’s your choice.

Make Your Own Good Karma

  • To help your fellow authors, please purchase a copy of the book most recently reviewed on Working Authors – Good Kindle Reviews. It is a small price to pay – and will make the author’s day! And, you’ll get the same consideration when your review comes around.
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