All About Good Kindle Reviews

Good Kindle Reviews is designed to give Kindle books their moment in the sun. We only review books available on Kindle and each is fairly viewed from several standpoints like readability, plotting, pace, entertainment value, cost, originality, and structure. A book that is technically perfect from a grammar and punctuation standpoint is a great start, but we believe readers can handle a goof or two if the story stands strong. Boring writing is boring. Exciting writing that begs for another page-turn is what readers want, so expect our highest ratings to go to great reads, even if they are technically flawed in minor areas.


If you would like to submit a book for review you’ll need send a PDF or word doc, or go to  your Amazon book page and click the Give as a Gift link and let Amazon send the book directly to us. Expect your review to take a few weeks to go live on our site.

Make Your Own Good Karma

  • To help your fellow authors, please purchase a copy of the book most recently reviewed on Good Kindle Reviews. It is a small price to pay – and will make the author’s day! And, you’ll get the same consideration when your review goes around.
  • Please link your site to our site to increase your page views
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