Action adventure

Michael Allen: The Deeper Dark

Captain Haven Kayd is a fighter pilot who’s used to flying alone. Days, nights, all missions. But when he’s forced-down during an intel run, he’s not alone for long. Surrounded by the enemy, Haven is taken to a POW camp where he thinks often about his wife and young daughter. Under constant psychological attack, the Captain loses track of time; days turning to nights and slowly into months.

Author Michael Allen keeps the protagonist’s thoughts with his family and what it would be like to get back to them. His daughter was growing up without him. And what if he did get back, what would it take? What would the world be like?

Reading The Deeper Dark is instantly two-steps forward for the reader, but it’s one-step forward and two-steps backwards for our hero. He’s wife has already been told he’s died in combat. But why so quickly? We soon find that this isn’t just a military story, it’s also a political thriller. There’s much more to the story than a combat veteran with a damaged plane.

Stories with political background and intrigue are tough to write in a straightforward and compelling fashion. Fortunately, the author is adept at filling the cracks quickly and keeping our interest up. When the truth comes out, Captain Kayd may have something to say about the future. He’s not exactly a Lee Child-invented Jack Reacher, but he’s as determined and strong-willed as any war hero-turned vigilante.

The Deeper Dark is 255 pages and available on Kindle for just $2.99 as well as in paperback. It’s a book worth a look, and if you enjoy political and conspiracy thrillers, this is a book just right for you!

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