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Clayvin MathBurgh: The History of Paper You Don’t Write On

Our Book Review of The History of Paper You Don’t Write With

In The History of Paper You Don’t Write On, you’ll actually get some very interesting and entertaining background on what we’ve all gotten used to using, and losing for a while during our recent COVID-19 shortages.

Did you know that Joseph Gayetty is credited with introducing the first US toilet paper product? It might not have been his own invention since paper for wiping was know in China decades earlier, but Gayetty added aloe. Then, he marketed his product, which had his name watermarked on each sheet.

The tin his product sold in was still available in the 1920s. Not the same tin, I’ll guess they sold pretty well. They were advertised as “The greatest necessity of the age.” Who knew? Apparently, the author did.

At any rate, this little Kindle gem is filled with hidden secrets you perhaps didn’t realize you needed to know, as well as some sophomoric humor that’s likely to get a few laughs out of you.

This book classifies as non-fiction, but at the same time, it also fits the “humor” genre. I really like non-fiction, and history is my favorite, so I was willing to give it a read. You should too.

Although it’s fairly short, it’s also just $2.99 and every author needs a chance to express themselves and sell a few copies. Don’t worry, buying one won’t make you the butt of many jokes.



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