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Amanda M. Lee: The Bigfoot Blunder

Our Book Review of The Bigfoot Blunder

The truth is out there … maybe.

Amanda M. Lee is a prolific writer who draws heavily from her early desires to shape the world – torn between growing up to be the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman – and to drive her stories. She’s inventive and strangely believable, taking us to Cozy Mystery Land in The Bigfoot Blunder.

The first in the Charlie Rhodes series, Bigfoot introduces us to Charlotte (Charlie) as a typical 10-year old girl fighting her way through school and the dreaded boredom of math. At the same time, she’s dealing with life, teachers, and the fact that she’s psychic and telekinetic. It’s a confusing time.

Moving along a dozen years, we see Charlie getting a coveted job in Hemlock Cove (I love that name), Michigan. It’s at the renowned Legacy Foundation, and they might have a real Bigfoot stomping around the nearby woods. And doing other things. Maybe.

What they have is a quirky crew of workers and townsfolk, each of whom brings you a little closer to the truth about the area. Some of the town’s characters will already be known to readers of Lee’s mysteries. But if you’re new here, don’t expect to catch on immediately. Just know it’s worth the read and books further into the series get better and better.

I found the writing to be steady and appealing, a guilty pleasure if you will. It’s the kind of story that takes you away from a stressful day and lets you scrunch-in on the sofa and enjoy the ride. There are a lot of faces, and a few that might be a bit sketchy, but most have some depth. Charlie herself is a quandary, but as the story unfolds, you’ll find she’s still young at heart with a compelling mashup of emotions and abilities. She’s also sharp-tongued and a bit snarky.

The book is categorized under Psychic Thriller and Psychic Mysteries by Amazon, and I’d say that’s a fair assessment. I’ll also say there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this book and Lee’s impressive backlist of stories. Enjoy!


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