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John Grisham: “The Rooster Bar”

Our Book Review of The Rooster Bar

Few authors have had as much continued success at John Grisham and his latest book, The Rooster Bar, may keep his most avid readers happy. But, there’s more to the story than Mark, Todd, and Zola trying to get through a final year of law school. There’s a heavy dollop of social commentary running through the pages.

That’s not anything new with Grisham, but the narrative seems a bit stunted this time and while he intertwines the social speech well with his backstory and the chapters to come, it’s forced, instead of freely flowing. That’s a shame.

If you enjoy Grisham’s usual look at lawyers and the law scene, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed there too. Instead of chapters uncovering a law firm deftly using the law, their investigators, and some crafty speeches, this book deals with friends in a for-profit law school getting a poor education and bitching about their student loans.

To get back at their school (and to get over a shocking death), they decide to quit with a single semester left and start practicing law without licenses. Yeah, that could be a bad decision.

Picking up this book and expecting action like we found in The Firm probably is too.

Two Stars



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