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Will Lowrey “Chasing the Blue Sky”

Our Book Review of Chasing the Blue Sky

Some things are simple for people. Others things are a bit crazy. For me, a big challenge is getting in the front door each night, and I love it. That’s because I’m greeted by my wife, and our girls, and our dogs. And while scuffles ensue from time to time with both the girls and the dogs eventually trying to escape between my legs or through the open door, it’s always great.

I know that feeling is something the author Will Lowrey has for dogs, and his story Chasing the Blue Sky  proves it. Still, you don’t have to love dogs to enjoy the story of Toby, a puppy given-up to an animal shelter. The writing is solid, without being overly schmaltzy or animal-driven preachy. It’s a real story through the eyes of man’s best friend. From the mistaken kindness of taking an outdoor animal a new blanket to the cold, frozen iceberg it becomes in frigid weather.

Most of us try our best to treat our animal friends well, but we make as many mistakes as they do in trying to interpret what each other needs. That’s life. But, we can always learn to do better. Chasing the Blue Sky made me want to do better.

The author presents a rich story seen through the tiny squares of chain-link fences, the low level of cold concrete floors, and the love that comes from adopting a new family member. It’s a read, available on Kindle for just $2.99, and free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Give it a home.

Four Stars

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