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Brian O’Hare “The Coven Murders”

Our Book Review of The Coven Murders

Author Brian O’Hare makes a daring move in the third book of his Inspector Sheehan Mysteries by setting the stage instantly with a ritual killing, and by gruesomely linking both crime and horror genre’s in The Coven Murders.

I’m a fan of both and enjoyed the Inspector’s sharp insight and determination. And, since I’ve never been to Ireland where the story is set, I got a kick out of learning a bit about local customs, speech, and even the temperament of the main characters.

I came away feeling as though I’d watched a somewhat twisted episode of NCSI New Orleans, with Scott Bakula as the Inspector. And that’s not a bad thing, as Sheehan’s investigators battle the local environment and political leanings, as well as strict religious views dependent on just who they come in contact with.

What’s left is a smart, well-honed story with a crew of inspectors doing a scary but believable job. And, the crew is manned by believable characters. They have friends, families, and a place to go after a hard day at work. They just can’t get the day’s work out of their minds.

The Inspector himself isn’t perfect, but he’s meticulous, inquiring, and well worth following along for the trip through Northern Ireland.

I enjoyed the novel and think you’ll feel the same way. And as a reward, there are other books in the series that let you follow Inspector Sheehan on similar investigations. So, give author Brian O’Hare a look!

Four Stars


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