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Nicholas A. Price “The Tapeworm”


Our Book Review of The Tapeworm

From the macabre humor genre comes Nicholas A. Price’s latest work, The Tapeworm. This book is geared for children 5 to 12 and is part of his ‘A Series of Ghastly Things’ books being released February 15, 2017.

Children will no doubt be intrigued by the strange and scary full-color illustrations by Gigi Art in this book issued by Demy Publishing. The story that goes with the pictures is equally scary, or at least the tapeworm is!

This is a story about Miss Watkins, a nice young woman who enjoys her roast beef cooked rare, but what if the chef under-cooked the poor woman’s meal? Something sinister could invade her body, and it does. Now, what will happen?

Author Price takes the reader on a horror-filled but humorous tale of the life of a tapeworm, one inside the body of a person who loved to eat. Yikes! It’s just the kind of thing so many children love to read!

Kindle Unlimited users can pre-order their Free copy of The Tapeworm right now. For those without KU, this new book is just $2.99

Three Stars





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