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Jack Binding “Perfect Anastasia”

Our Book Review of Perfect Anastasia

Jack Binding is an author living in Sydney, Australia. His latest release is Perfect Anastasia,  a horror story likely to sober you up!

Andy Moretti meets  Anastasia, at a party. He’s plain. She’s perfect. Before he knows it, they are alone, talking, laughing. Things are going great. He’s happy, being with this girl, this perfect girl. What could go wrong?

Then she asks if he can score some drugs. He hesitates, he could do that. He could get a little something. What could go wrong?

Binding describes the atmosphere well, taking the reader inside his protagonist’s head, into his thoughts. We’ve all been there. We want to succeed, we want to help, but knowing when to pull back on the reins is tough, right? Or is it impossible?

This is a newly released story, having just come out today. It’s available for 99-cents right now. Take a look, if you have the nerve!

Three Stars




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