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Carson Watson “The Sorceress’ Prophecy”

Our Book Review of The Sorceress’ Prophecy

This is a tall tale. Taller than the trees that shroud a hidden fortress in a black woods seen so often in dark dreams and scary books. In fact, author Carson Watson has attempted in one book to introduce us to a whole land filled with improbable evil, searing sorcery, and a cast of characters inhabiting a land that is false but true. And, he succeeds.

The setting for The Sorceress’ Prophecy isn’t a netherworld, it lies above earth but offers as much terror and fear as any hell we have grown to understand, and a creature named Satin walks the ground with power to command others to do his bidding, even without their knowing and a plan to drain the city of life. Yeah, it’s scary.

There is much to this story, a total of 373 pages, and chapters come and go with new characters and their point of view of the happenings in this strange land. The pace is moderate to begin but grows as the story unfolds. The author tells enough about each character to hook the reader and keep the pages turning.

It isn’t just a battle of good and evil in this strange land, as there are plenty of vampires and werewolves to contend with too. Those that would try to protect the innocent must first learn and master a craft, a craft of magic, like a sorcerer, but then that takes time and cunning, and time is not on their side.

This book was released last year in May and is available on Kindle for $2.99 but is Free on Kindle Unlimited. Take a look, you’ll be amazed!

Four Stars


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