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Drake Green “Point of Control”

Our Book Review of Point of Control

I like the title, but it could have just as easily been “Out of Control,” because that’s what Anders Neyman’s life is after he takes a teaching job in Bogota, Columbia. Sure, the setting might lead you to believe there is the possibility of some danger, but author Drake Green (who lived in the area and draws on his own history) tells a tough, deep story that will leave readers slightly confused, inquisitive, and turning pages quickly.

There’s a good story here in Point of Control, and the pace picks up at the right point as the protagonist joins forces with a rag-tag bunch of similarly affected men trying to stop what they fear and hardly understand, a series of kidnappings, assassinations and a conspiracy that threatens to shatter the country apart. It’s Columbia after all. And, the story draws on historical events.

Published by Bolivar and Franklin Press, January 6, 2017, the book is 249 pages, a good size read for your Kindle, and the story will keep you guessing. Mostly, it’s all action, and it gets gritty, so be prepared!

Three Stars



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