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Maria Lang “The Eye of Nefertiti”

Our Book Review of The Eye of Nefertiti

For those of you who talk to your cats (I speak for mine, too), Maria Lang’s The Eye of Nefertiti: A Pharaoh’s Cat is likely to be a wonderful read. A cozy mystery with an ancient Egyptian flair, the story floats back and forth between the modern day and a more mysterious past.

Unlike most books of this genre’, it is written in first-person, through the eyes of Wrappa-Haman, who sees much, tells some, but takes things in stride with a style that’s barely human. In fact, it’s cat style, since Wrappa-Haman is a cat. An ancient cat, brought with a friend through the spinning world of time to the current day on a magic boat.

Now don’t be confused, there are plenty of all human characters, but they aren’t all you’d expect. Time travel and very long lives are something the reader has to accept, and I happily did. The story is intriguing, characters come and go, the plot spins forth and the writing is quite entertaining.

This book is available for $3.99 and for free with Kindle Unlimited. It’s 207 pages of fun, published recently in November of 2016.

Four Stars





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