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Akasha Garnier “Secrets to Shine Through the Noise”

Our Book Review of Secrets to Shine Through the Noise

Ever see the movie Pretty Woman? Remember the guy walking the street asking “What’s your dream? Well, that should be required reading in school, so all children dream before the hum-drums of life take over their thoughts! Fortunately, writer, producer, and activist Akasha Garnier has written just such a book about focusing on your dreams and finding ways to obtain them.

This recently published work (September 2016), Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, is a backlog of stories about Garnier’s life and how events transpired to make here the best she could be, even through the hardships that life throws at all of us. Her approach and motivation helped her rise above the crowd and her inspirational tone and plans can help you too.

Written as a story about her life and travels, instead of just a motivational tome, Akasha leads the reader in the direction of success by asking readers to view their successes, and failures, from a new vantage point, or another point of view. There is always something to be learned from each experience. Take advantage of what you’ve tried, the good and the bad, and go forward with your life and your dreams!

Secrets to Shine Through the Noise is currently on sale at Kindle for just 99-cents, but you better act quickly!

Three Stars


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