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Christina Westcott’s “Cypher”

cypherSure, the cover’s a bit campy, but so is the book. Author Christina Westcott has a sense of humor and so does her protagonist, Kimber FitzWarren. This isn’t Alien, although Fitz’s partner is a cyborg. And, it isn’t your average TV sitcom, although the cover reminds me of the show Lab Rats.

With that said, I enjoyed the good pacing and intriguing twists and menaces constantly thrown at Fitz and her starship, in Cypher, but the best part was that her partner, Wolf, gets attacked by a rogue (aren’t they all?) computer programmer who turns him into a super assassin trying to destroy what Fitz has spent her life trying to protect.

To make matters worse, she can’t just kill her partner, or the crazy programmer, at least not until her buddy is back to normal, or as normal as a cyborg can be.

Along the way, there is time for love, honor, strange mutant beings bent on destruction, and as all good books must have, a psychic cat. Look at the cover, yeah, that’s a cat.

This is a long story, a full 383 pages, or 7325 on my Kindle Fire. Published August 23, 2016, you can get a copy on Amazon right now for $3.99.

Four Stars

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