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Bill Lucas “Book of Spells”

book-of-spells-coverPete Marsh is your everyday fellow, you know, life, love, girlfriend, boring job at a bookshop. Oh, he does have an imaginary friend named Albert, but doesn’t everyone?

The way Book of Spells author Bill Lucas put it:

So one day you inherit a bookshop. It turns out to be a magical gateway to other realms where goblins and elves are real, where magic is possible and there is an evil witch who wants to destroy the world.

Oh and as owner of the gateway it’s your job to stop her. Perhaps not your best Monday ever!

But you are not alone, a tubby school friend, a hobgoblin magic coach, assorted elves and an ADHD pixie should all make your life easier; when you finally work out how to cast some spells.

Book of Spells is an urban fantasy novel for all of those people who wish they could step out of their boring reality into something more magical, but with added guns and pizza!

This new Kindle book is 253 pages – $2.99 and put out by PublishNation December 18, 2016. Enjoy.

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