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J. A. Bennett “Music and the Tree Who Loved Her”

music-and-the-tree-coverThose who would read of Fantasy and Myth shall be entranced by Music And The Tree Who Loved Her. Sure, that’s a strong start to a review, but if you love a work of fantasy, the story presented by author J. A. Bennett is top notch.

What I have in hand is published by J. A. Bennett, 2nd edition, November 16, 2016. The print length is 398 pages and Kindle gives me 7050 sections. It’s a long read and worth the $4.99 price.

There is an ethereal feeling of promise here, a feeling that anything is possible, a bit like I felt when first reading a Piers Anthony novel where a hero lay down on the grass to take a nap and the grass grew into his body, quickly. So strange, so dangerous, so fantastic.

The story of Music and the Tree begins with a sapling, a tiny Tree Prince ready to take his place among the forest he will someday rule, but fate isn’t kind to him, or the dove that carries him to his appointed and anointed place. But fret not, for the story also brings us much more, including the scary villains, warrior dwarves, a village holding a curse of vampires.

All in all, all in one, the writing is very good, and the story is strong throughout. Just give in to your imagination and the story, sturdily woven by the author and you’ll enjoy every minute you are immersed in this new world.




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