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Kerrie Noor “The Downfall of a Belly Dancer”

downfall-of-a-belly-dancer-coverKerrie Noor’s novel, The Downfall of a Belly Dancer, arrived on Kindle November 19, 2016. It runs 231 pages – that’s about 2870 sections on my Kindle Fire.

This is a quirky, funny account of a troupe of women dancing through their friendship’s familiarity, and their life’s uncertainty in their small town located somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. Here’s a quote from the book:

Lochgilphead is not the sort of place that attracts visitors; in fact, there are usually only two reasons why anyone visits Lochgilphead – to spend time with relatives and gloat, or because they were offered a job, and didn’t investigate before they accepted.

As with other “sisterhood” novels (and often in real life), the characters have pet names, and the main character, a belly dancer extraordinaire and teacher, is aptly named Nefertiti. She commands respect and at least grudging admiration from her friends and students until disaster comes on two fronts. She slowly loses students to a more charismatic dancer – or dance – Zumba, and Nefertiti loses the interest of her longtime mate, Rodger, who has built and is now sequestered in a shed, or what some might call a man cave.

Author Kerrie Noor lives in Scotland, so the writing is an enjoyable change for us here, slightly tinged with pleasantries not heard in the US, but she still manages to turn a backhand to restaurant chain McDonald’s, so there is no language or societal barriers. And, readers will find a glossary at the end of this novel, just in case a word stumps.



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