Emily Kendricks “Badge Without Honor”

badge-without-honorBadge Without Honor is a new Detective Thriller from author Emily Kendricks.  Previously, Kendricks authored The Fantasy Maker, an Erotic Thriller, but this time she gets down in the dirt with hard-boiled cops and killers. Available on Kindle right now for $2.99, the book runs 250 pages. That’s 3460 positions on my Kindle.

Kendricks sets up a good story, using her working knowledge of New York and police sciences to mold a believable story.The protagonist, Detective John Bocello, cuts his teeth in Brooklyn as a homicide detective before moving out of the city and heading to what he hoped would be is a slower, more productive life in the small town  of Darlington. Of course, things don’t work out that way.

He’s linked up with fellow Detective Steve Parson’s, who provides the annoyance and worry factor for Bocello. Parson’s a friend as well as a detective, but he has trouble keeping his mind on his work. That’s not a good thing, since what starts out as a simple robbery turns into much more, including cold cases that have lingered for years and a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

Is the killer trying to leave a message with his work? The detectives aren’t sure, but Bocello’s life is further complicated by his own interest in a local widow, who may herself be in danger.



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