Henry Simpson “Joey Costa’s Law”

joey-costa-picHenry Simpson’s sixth Joey Costa novel is a revelation. Mostly because this fast-paced novel takes us back fifteen years to a time when Joey was finishing college, well before his exploits got us hooked on the character and forced us to turn the pages as quickly as possible!

The best part of Joey Costa’s Law is seeing the character development of Joey Costa. He’s still getting his feet wet, hasn’t hit his stride, but the clues to his life are there to glean from the pages.

Joey is lingering between college and law school and literally bounces into a job at a Hollywood nightclub. A not very safe club with many colorful Hollywood characters including drug dealers, bikers, pretty dancers, hookers, and of course his employers, the Carbone family. They aren’t connected; they are the connection.

There are many characters, so they aren’t always as developed as one might want, but the main characters are, and therefore you get Joey, the prequel, and we now know him well!



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